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Safe and Smart Bayannur

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Since the People’s Government of Bayannur City takes the initiative to explore new carrier and pattern, makes every possible to sustain harmonious development, intensifies the vitality of social development and adds new highlights for the social stability, and the Central Government advances the working solutions of "Three Settlements, Four Entireties and Five Guarantee", "Safe and Smart Bayannur" was accordingly proposed for the establishment. By forging a whole set of sound digital monitoring system, the Project aims at guaranteeing the safety and security of Bayannur  in a more efficient and accurate manner.
So far, the System helped in solving more than 170 cases, investigating over 220 cases (events), arresting 23 suspects, finding more than 200 lost persons and articles and recovered economic losses of RMB 1 million for the people, criminal cases, "robbery, snatch and theft" and other preventive cases in the areas with the jurisdiction declined by 33.2% year on year, thus effectively increasing the efficiency of public security departments in case investigation, further enhancing the people's feeling of safety and satisfaction, and playing an active role in preventing and combating crimes and maintaining the public security of Bayannur . 

Headquarters:No.165 Fushi Road China Hualu Plaza,Shijingshan District,Beijing

400-610-1996 (8610)52281111


Zip Code:100043

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