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Skynet Project in Loudi

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To achieve the overall targets of "installing the cameras in each street in the urban areas without any blind zone, performing the social administration through the network, investigating the cases with sufficient evidences and making achievements in stability maintaining and control", the People's Government of Loudi City proposes the "Digital Loudi" project. The Project aims at building up the high-definition video monitoring network covering the entire city, relies on the construction of online video sharing platform to share videos for city management, anti-terrorism and handling of sudden affairs, stability maintaining, disaster relief and emergency commanding. Besides, grasping the opportunity brought about the construction of public security emergency command system, the Project constructs the public security video application system in an all-around manner and forges the social security prevention and control system named “Safe and Secure Loudi” by integrating the social monitoring resources, so as to ensure smooth and secure holding of the 12th Hunan Provincial Games and lay a solid foundation for the building of “Smart Loudi”.

Implementation of the Project achieves the following effects:
• Eight types of criminal cases throughout Loudi City fell by 14.33% within half a year;
• It played an essential role in successfully solving the Gun-holding Gold Shop Robbery on December 15, 2013 in Louxing District and Ripper Case happed in LY Steel on January 15, 2014;
• Loudi City successfully fulfilled its target of guarantee safe closing of the 12th Hunan Provincial Games held in September 2014. 


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