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What Does Data Lake Mean Indeed

Release time:2017-8-16  Pageviews:1237
Six years ago, an article titled Big Data Requires a Big New Architecture on Forbes put forward the concept of “Data Lake”, a data storage architecture different from the original data warehouse. Numerous original data is saved in the primary formats, including the structured and non-structured data, until the data is processed upon the use.   
Frankly speaking, many people are certainly in a fog. How can we make such concept easily understood?
It is simpler to understand it in a metaphor!
Data warehouse is like a "Data Lake" of stores of bottled water that are cleaned, standardized and convenient for consumption.
The data size witnesses a geometric growth in the era of big data. The traditional "bottled water store" can no longer afford the numerous data volume and diversification of data source and types. Hence, the Data Lake - a support of big data which can meet the new architecture of storage demands comes into being.
Like a huge water body under the natural state, the Data Lake gathers the brooks from different data source, including the numerous unordered and non-structured data (text, image, voice, webpage, etc.).
The Data Lake stores numerous primary data and supports all types of data. Users can mine the data value according to their business needs and use scenarios.

It can be said that the Data Lake endows the infrastructures with a new definition, that is, multiple clouds over the Data Lake.
We need to resolve a few problems before building a Data Lake.
1. Storage of numerous data - building of a lake
2. Convergence of data brooks - introduction of water
3. Data processing and analysis - utilization
4. Satisfaction of different user demands - value
So, the question is whether there is an enterprise that can promote the convergence of data resources of multiple parties, introduce water into the lake, have the advanced technologies and products for the storage of numerous data, utilize the advanced technology for data processing and analysis by water introduction and lake building, meet the customer demands finally by use of lake water, and achieve the value!!!  
Surely of course, there should be.
It owns the good background of central state-owned enterprise, strong brand influence, rich modes of commerce, unique core technologies, powerful financing capacity and practical ability;
This is exactly E-Hualu.
In 2016, E-Hualu unveiled the "God's Perspective". Through accurately identifying the technical tendency and direction of industry reform, it made out the main tendency of future industry, and launched E-Hualu Urban Data Lake of Intelligent and Integrated Information Infrastructure which integrates data sensing, storage and analysis in view of its advantages.
Firstly, the optomagnetic integrated storage - a necessary device of data lake storage.
Through this device
Cold and thermal data are combined perfectly!
Fearless of virus blackmail!
Fearless of the attack of hackers!
Fearless of intentional or unconscious data change!
Resistant to water and electromagnet, power-saving!
The service life is 50 years. Most important - it is rather cheap!
Secondly, the unparalleled combination of big data platform plus artificial intelligence, supported by various industry sub-lakes, data analysis and presentation, model training and other value-added elements, change the Data Lake into a data quagmire.
At last, the diversified demands of governments - users which can meet the orientation of urban data lake
What we need to consider is not merely GDP!!!!
Industrial upgrading
Investment promotion
Internet +
Reform on the supplies
Poverty alleviation and development of people's livelihood
Mass entrepreneurship and innovation
E-Hualu Urban Data Lake helps Dakang Secretary
In 2017, Beijing E-hualu Information Technology Co., Ltd. entered into the contract on project of East China Data Lake Industry Park of China Hualu successfully with Taizhou. Upon the completion, the project will be the big data infrastructure with the largest capacity in the world. The project of data lake project is located in Gaoxin District, Jiangyan, Taizhou, with a total investment of RMB3 million and a planned area of 200mu (133,333.4m2). The phase-I works will be put in service in 2018, and the phase-II works is to be compelted in 2020.

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