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E-Hualu's Automobile ERI Read-Write Equipment Passed The High -temperature Test Successfully

Release time:2017-8-16  Pageviews:1194
To test the system performance and product stability of Automobile ERI read-write equipment under extremely high-temperature environment, the Traffic Management Science Institute of the Ministry of Public Security organized the nominated enterprises of Automobile ERI read-write equipment to conduct the read-write equipment high-temperature performance test in Turpan, Xinjiang. E-Hualu, as one of nominated enterprises, was invited to participate in the test again.   
The tested product is the “split-up” ERI read-write equipment and the newest version of LLRP software to which E-Hualu owns the intellectual property rights. In Turpan, Xinjiang well-known as the “Land of Fire”, the test temperature of outdoor environment was 45℃, and the land surface temperature was 72℃. The ERI read-write equipment of E-Hualu passed all tests smoothly. All indicators such as high-temperature startup, dynamic testing, static testing, read-out dead zone, car driving test, read-write equipment sensibility, output power, etc. met the specified requirements completely, and took a leading edge in the industry.
Surface temperature test of read-write equipment under high temperature
E-Hualu will keep availing of its superiority as a state-owned enterprise, carry forward the “Spirit of Craftsman”, focus on quality of products, and strive for developing itself into a China's leading and world's class ERI product supplier, system integrator and industry dealer, so as to make its due contribution to promoting and guiding the formation and development of Automobile ERI industry.

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