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"Xueliang Project" Solution

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1. Overview

The "Xueliang Project" is a "mass public security prevention and control project", which takes the three-level comprehensive management center of county, township and village as the command platform, the comprehensive management informatization as the support, the grid management as the foundation, the application of public safety video surveillance network as the focus, and the extended coverage and blind area coverage of videos for safe township under safe city as dependence. Through the construction of the three-level comprehensive management center, it introduces the security measures to the masses, and mobilizes the social forces and the masses to monitor the video surveillance and jointly participate in public security prevention, so as to achieve the real "full coverage" of security prevention and control, make public safety video surveillance network cover villages and peasant households, promote the construction of "happy and new villages", further improve the three-dimensional social security prevention and control system, and ensure that the society is stable and orderly and people live and work in peace and contentment.

2. Policy support

In 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on Strengthening Public Security Video Surveillance and Networking [F.G.G.J. [2015] No.996], which clearly proposed to basically achieve the network-based public security video surveillance featured by "global coverage, global network sharing, full-time availability and whole-process control" by 2020.

3. Design ideas 

Beijing E-hualu Information Technology Co., Ltd., based on the rich experience in the security industry, launched the networking application scheme of public security video surveillance in line with the requirements of public security departments and the national standards and construction spirit, which can realize the network integration of video surveillance resources, connect the "information island" between systems and improve the utilization of video surveillance resources.

4. Scheme design


One platform: video image information sharing cloud platform – a large video service platform available to the whole network in the whole city;
Two centers: comprehensive management video center, public security video center - video sharing platform and video applications oriented to public security and comprehensive management;
Three networks: special video network, government affairs network, the Internet – focus on achieving the rapid convergence of mass monitoring video data in the Internet environment;
Four applications: comprehensive management, public security, government department, enterprise public video applications;
Five guarantees: information guarantee, plan guarantee, communication guarantee, data guarantee and police guarantee. Five guarantee requirements and objectives are based on the above end-to-end video system, business application design, and effective operation and maintenance system and security tools.
Innovative applications: face recognition, command and dispatch, social conditions analysis, mass prevention and mass treatment, one-click alarm, safe countryside construction, safe community and rental housing management, information release, APPs and other public security video applications facilitate the comprehensive social security governance ;

5. Construction Results

(1) Meet the video resources access requirements for all kinds of front-end equipment and existing connection platforms, conduct the unified management, analysis and call by the platform.
(2) Provide efficient and reliable video storage and processing services, and meet the requirements for storage, retrieval, search, reading, structured analysis and processing, and sharing of video resources.

(3) Provide classified storage services for "cold and hot" data to meet requirements for high-performance and highly reliable storage.
(4) Conduct dynamic control for the key areas involved in the main objectives, use technologies of video concentration, video structuralization, secondary identification of vehicles and face recognition to extract and compare the video data of the above areas, and form basic video comparison data and provide the basic support for the overall police businesses;
(5) Assist the decision-makers and various departments of public security to conduct effective planning, grid management, scientific decision-making and unified command through the video fusion visualization and intelligent services provided by the command center.

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