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OPTMAG Video Cloud Platform

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1. Introduction

OPTMAG video cloud is a video cloud platform achieving video resource sharing and services, committed to building the urban level video surveillance and data management platform, and providing users with the efficient, reliable, energy saving and open video integration services.
The OPTMAG video cloud, based on video resources, provides the access service of video resources to meet the requirements of video resources access of all kinds of front-end devices and existing docking platforms, as well as efficient and reliable video storage and processing services to meet the requirements for the storage, retrieval, research, reading, view structured analysis and processing and sharing of video resources. It provides rich comprehensive business application services to meet the specific business application needs of users. In addition, the OPTMAG video cloud also integrates the unique blue optical storage technology, combines optical storage and magnetic storage perfectly, and provides "cold and hot" data classification storage services to meet requirements for high-performance and highly reliable storage.

2. Advantages

Economy: integrated video service, avoidance of access difference, flexible and convenient expansion; rich presentation and individualized application, multi-scene application and multi-type terminal display;
Reliability: high-performance and highly reliable storage, and perfect combination of magnetic storage and optical storage;
Advancement: equivalent distributed architecture, intelligent switching of business and automatic backup of data; centralized deployment and synchronization of all deployments to reduce the complexity of deployment.

3. Application scenarios

Adaption to local conditions: security monitoring of all kinds of places (roads, hotels, shopping malls, storefronts, homes, entrances, etc.);
IOT perception: internal subsystem access and integration of buildings such as the data room and intelligent building, and unified management (access control, alarm, power environment and fire control subsystem);
Cross-regional sharing: distance education training, video conferencing, off-site monitoring and production management across regions and geographies.

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