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Intelligence-command-service Integration Combat Platform

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1. Overview 
It is the realistic need for enhancing the level of city administration and sense of security of mass, and also the important content of innovating and improving the social security prevention and control system planning. The CPC Central Committee and the General Affairs Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions for Social Public Security Prevention and Control System. The 18th Party Congress and the 3rd and 4th Plenary Sessions of the CPC Central Committee clearly proposed to improve and advance the modernization of the national governance system and capacity, improve the three-dimensional social security prevention and control system and enhance the capacity and level of peaceful China planning.   
The intelligence-command-service integrated combat system dominated by big data intelligence is put forward in combination with the existing policing reform tendency.
Firstly, the modern policing operation mechanism shall be established to effectively enhance the ability of fighting criminals. Through the reform, we should establish the modern intelligence-dominated policing  operation mechanism which relies on dynamic services, is supported by police cooperation and featured by profession and normalization, so as to achieve more scientific policing arrangement, more target-oriented patrol prevention and control, more accurate case investigation & resolution, and more efficient policing cooperation.
Secondly, the three-dimensional social security prevention and control system should be innovated to enhance the ability of criminal control effectively. Through the reform, we should perfect the three-dimensional social security prevention and control system through the point-line-surface combination, online-offline combination, combined prevention by human, materials and skills, and from the perspective of prevention and control.
We should establish the platform in line with the practical business application of public security by centering on the basic resource platform of intelligence and on the basis of video resource integration, data resource integration and IoT resource.

2. Business Features
Meeting the demand of policing reform:
     (1). Visualization of security prevention and control
     (2). Flattening command and dispatch
     (3). Intelligent intelligence assessment
     (4). Service management refinement
     (5). Normalization of social linkage
     (6). Scientification of auxiliary decision-making
     (7). Intensification of information support

Intelligence-command-service integration

3. Technical Highlights
 (1). Adoption of Hadoop architecture
High expandability: Continuous horizontal expansion in line with PB-level data demand; 
Efficiency: Distributed high-speed calculation by full use of clustering strength; 
High fault tolerance: Automatically save multiple versions of data and re-allocate the failed assignments ;
Low cost: Deployment by use of low and medium-level frame-type server. 
 (2) Super-strong data processing capacity
Distributed receiving/dispatching, storage and calculation, 5,000 data entries/second for write-in and 15,000 data entries/day for processing.
 (3). Long-cycle enormous analysis capability
The big data information mining: the special analysis, abnormal act analysis and information relevance analysis & prediction based on numerous multi-type history data.
 (4). Ultra-fast data query capacity
Distributed retrieval: achieving the second-level fuzzy query of one-billion history data entries.
 (5). High access, concurrency and reliability
Based on the load equalization and clustering technology, distributed storage system, distributed database, flow computing technology and distributed information array, the Zhixinyun big data system has the second-level response capability of data query, the second-level response capability of information relevance of images, and the capacity of distributed processing and load equalization; the system can support higher concurrency request along with the increasing number of nodes, providing faster query service. Meanwhile, all software is operating under the Linux system, so the operation is more stable and reliable.

4. Application Highlights
 (1). Management of operational command resources
Breaking through the information barriers between strips, blocks, strip and block, it provides the shared services for multi-network integration and multi-application linkage, and achieves the pluggable, shared, expandable and manageable services.
 (2). Unified communication convergence
With the functions of wire/wireless integrated audio communication, integrated video monitoring and video conferencing, it provides the visualized scheduling services between commanding departments and on-site police. Based on the instant messaging, it provides the multimedia messaging interaction services between commanding departments and on-site police.
 (3). Data exchange and sharing
It provides the horizontal data linking channels among various application systems on the operational command platform of public security, and achieves the coordination and information sharing of operational command business.
Serving as the data linking channels between the operational command platform of public security and the integrated application platform of big data information, it can achieve the information sharing between the commanding department and other department business systems of intelligence, special police, traffic control, fire control, public transportation, public security, criminal investigation, image investigation, etc.
 (4). Intuitive presentation of service tendency
Based on the positioning of policemen and police cars, it reports on the dynamic services via the mobile terminal, and achieves the dynamic and visual service management based on the one-map presentation of PGIS for service deployment.
 (5). Big data application
It achieves the unified application of structured data (i.e. data and statements from multi-channel integration and multi-access acquisition), semi-structured data (i.e. audio and image) and non-structured data (i.e. video).
 (6) Smart analysis & judgment
It can provide the reference for linked commanding by the following ways: mining the basic data of persons, vehicles and goods concerned on the basis of the customized analysis model of big data judgment; forming the model and hint of the person concerned through the technique and tactic model of living roommate, living for times and associated travelling; forming the model and hint of the vehicle concerned through the technique and tactic model of accompanying vehicles, nocturnal acts and suspicious vehicle tracking; conducting the in-depth judgment through the search by image and secondary image identification; utilizing the intelligent analysis of intelligence to comprehensively analyze and judge hints, and forming the tendency changes in aspects of cases, persons, vehicles and goods, etc.
 (7) Dynamic archive
With five archive systems respectively for personnel, vehicles, cases, virtual identity and institutions, it can comprehensively grasp the background information of people, vehicles, goods, housing and institutions.
 (8) Visualized command
Through the integration of various public information resources and such information-based business systems, i.e. wire/wireless communication dispatching, video monitoring, policing report, GPS, great intelligence, smart checkpoint inspection and control, and so forth, it is an intelligent and visual integrated command platform which integrates the functions of analysis, communication, positioning and digital transmission, and achieves the organic integration between dynamic and static systems, online and offline modes, directives and actions, data and images.
 (9). Unified operation and maintenance management service
It can comprehensively monitor and manage the server, storage, network equipment, rotating ring of machine room, and other resources of the system, assists the maintenance personnel to quickly identify failures and restore the system operation fast, and realizes the visual, controllable and automated operation and maintenance.
Boasting the electronization of management data and normalization of management process, it can achieve the unified, perfect and positive process-based operation and maintenance, standardized services and centralized management, and enhance the technical guarantee in an all-round manner. 

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