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Blu-ray & HDD Integrated Storage System

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E-hualu Blu-ray & HDD Integrated Storage System is a data storage planning concept proposed based on the big data characteristics of current industries, as well as a system architecture design proposal of storage system in the data center.
Seen from the statistical analysis results of the industries, the unstructured data now account for more than half of the total data. Especially in the large cloud storage data center, the unstructured data account for more than 80% of storage space. Most of the data have the lifecycle property. With a lower historical data access frequency, they become cold data, but the accumulative space occupied is gradually increased.
E-hualu’s Blu-ray & HDD Storage concept relies on the latest blue-ray storage technique, uses the large enterprise-level blu-ray disc jukebox as the cold storage target, and closely connects the primary storage system of the disk, thus forming a programmable, scalable storage system with the timeliness, economy and continuous service capability.

Figure 1 Architecture of Blu-ray & HDD Integrated Storage System
The Blu-ray & HDD Storage layer has all functions of use and management of cold storage resources, such as disc group partitioning, logical volume partitioning, access permission management, object storage service and automatic completion of cold data storage operation according to the administrator’s set policy.
For the integration of Blu-ray & HDD storage system and front-end application systems, NAS and REST API can be flexibly selected based on system integration requirements. The bottom of storage system uses the object storage mode, supports distributed storage architecture and parallel processing, and extends storage nodes on demand to achieve the massive expansion of storage space, as shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2 Distributed Storage Architecture for Optical Disc Jukebox

Application advantages of Blu-ray & HDD Storage architecture:

For the storage of massive unstructured cold data, the application of blu-ray disc jukebox device will greatly reduce the storage device cost and operation & maintenance cost, and improve the data storage security and reliability, so as to obtain significant economic and social benefits:
- As the cold data are not accessed frequently, the high performance of the disk cannot be fully utilized if they are stored in disks for a long time, which will reduce the service efficiency and return on investment in disks.
- The storage of massive cold data requires a large number of storage space, and the cost of disk storage device for large data volume is higher than that of optical disc storage.
-The power consumption and cooling/air conditioning costs for long-term running of massive disk storage devices are much higher than those of the blu-ray disc jukebox. The blu-ray disc jukebox consumes no more than 300W power for read and write, and no more than 10W power in standby condition (reference value: if 1 PB data are stored for 30 years, the blu-ray disc jukebox consumes only about 0.3 % of the disk array).
- The service life of disks is generally 3-5 years, while that of tapes is 5-10 years. The disks or tapes need being replaced continuously for the long-term storage of data, thus increasing maintenance cost. Tapes also have degaussing, adhesion, wear and other problems. Optical discs, with the storage life of 100 years, are maintenance-free for long-term storage, thus reducing maintenance costs.
- The optical disc medium is an unchangeable storage medium, which ensures the authenticity of data write, and meets the authenticity requirements in industry regulations about data archiving and storage, with certain legal benefits.
- The optical disc jukebox devices have the features of low energy consumption, meeting the national construction requirements for the low-carbon, environmental-friendly and green data center.
- The massive data storage is the basic function of the big data center, and the optical and magnetic hierarchical storage architecture is established to make the storage system have unlimited expansion capacity, thus ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the big data center.
- The reliability and security of blu-ray storage ensure the security of user data and improve the service ability and service level of the data center.

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