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City DataLake Infrastructure PPP Project

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The city datalake infrastructure is an intelligent integrated information infrastructure integrating data perception, storage and analysis. Relying on the Blu-ray & HDD storage, it provides public services for the governments, enterprises and citizens of various areas and becomes the strategic cornerstone to support the urban economic and social transformation and development by taking the big data platform and artificial intelligence engine as support and supplementing various industry sub-lakes, data analysis and presentation, model training and other value-added elements.
The city datalake, as the urban information infrastructure project, adopts PPP mode where the social capital consortium led by E-hualu serves as the social capital, and the local informatization authority as the implementing agency of PPP project. E-hualu signs the PPP contract with the government after being selected in accordance with PPP legal procedures. After that, the SPV is established together with the local government investment representatives, which is responsible for the detailed design, financing, construction and operation of PPP project.

The city datalake PPP project, based on the construction and operation of datalake, provides a variety of project operation modes, such as customized park development, park operation and smart city construction and operation, and offers diversified optional services including storage service, computing service, supercomputing service, big data service, artificial intelligence service, government affairs service, people's livelihood service, industrial service and entrepreneurship & innovation service. Through the establishment of a project company with the government, both parties can jointly operate the urban integrated information infrastructure, which can not only reduce the risk and pressure of government financing, but also ensure the sustainability and predictable economic & social benefits of the project.

With the strong ability of resource pooling and financing, E-hualu can provide the government with the preferred financing proposal most in line with local demands and actual situation, and share the project investment risk and the market operation bonus with the government and partners.

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