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Old Friend: Intelligent Senior Care and Health Service Platform

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Based on the mobile Internet, "Old Friend" is an online senior care service platform specially designed for senior citizens in China by Hualu Senior Care and Health Company. It aims to promote and achieve the “six needs of senior citizens” (namely the basic living medical service, working, learning, education and entertainment needs of senior citizens). Integrating various online and offline service resources related to senior care such as government services, health, medical services, culture, communication and life services through APPs, WeChat, websites and call center, etc., the platform builds the "senior care cloud" and an intelligent senior care and health system, so as to meet the living needs of senior citizens.
"Old Friend", cored by health management and cultural construction, focuses on senior citizens who are active in the urban communities. There are three main parts, including health service, cultural exchange and life services:

●Health services

It timely collects health data through scientific and technological means, integrates the service abilities of local medical service institutions and the third-party online service agencies, and provides senior citizens with recommendations about chronic disease management, health management and medical advice, as well as convenient services such as postoperative rehabilitation and home care;

●Cultural exchange services

It focuses on health, culture and entertainment and other issues concerned by senior citizens, supports the organization process of various offline community activities, and gathers the senior citizen groups to form an active and integrated online & offline cultural exchange platform for senior citizens;

● Life services

Based on the geographical location of senior citizens and combining the local available service resources, it achieves the timely and unified scheduling and distribution of home care services (home economics, food delivery, nursing, etc.).
Hualu Senior Care and Health Development Co., Ltd. is willing to cooperate with local governments, communities and senior care service enterprises to build an intelligent and healthy community system for senior citizens with advanced technology and down-to-earth services.

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