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Governmental Senior Care Informatization Solution

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The governmental senior care informatization solution is an informatization platform for the overall management and serving of the senior in the areas under the jurisdiction of government agencies, such as the civil affairs departments and senior citizens' work committees at all levels, mainly including the informatization platform of the government’s senior care work and the senior care service platform, which effectively supports the governments at all levels in the form of "Internet + senior care” to establish and improve the senior care service system around increasing demands of senior citizens for senior care services, which is based on household, relied on community, supported by the institutions and featured by perfect functions, moderate scale and coverage of urban and rural areas.

The informatization platform for the government’s senior care work mainly supports the core functions of the collection and management of basic data of senior citizens, qualification management of the senior care institutions, business supervision and management of senior care institutions, management of senior care allowance, qualification management of senior care service personnel and comprehensive statistical analysis, and supports the civil affairs departments and senior citizens' work committees at all levels to effectively conduct administrative examination and approval, industry supervision and other government functions.
The senior care service platform integrates the government services, health, medical, culture, communication, living services and other senior care service resources within the jurisdiction, based on the unified technology platform and technical standards and through integrated operating system and standard service quality standards mainly in the form of call center and mobile app, so as to realize one-click or one-network service of senior care.
The governmental senior care informatization solution also involves the ability of in-depth data analysis based on the large amount of business data accumulated in the long-term operation of the senior care work informatization platform and the senior care service platform. Through the integration of different types of data related to senior citizens from different channels, and according to the analysis results of senior care big data, we can provide effective recommendations for the government’s administration work, and put forward optimization opinions on the model, efficiency and service effects of community senior care, so as to promote the sustainable development of the senior care undertaking.

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