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Solution for Full-deduction Education and Verification Education of Illegal Deduction of Motor Vehicle Drivers

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1 Overview

Based on the working objectives of strengthening the source education for motor vehicle drivers as well as preventing and stopping road traffic accidents, and following the education principles of strictness, openness, fairness and convenience, we launched a full-deduction education and verification education platform for illegal deduction of motor vehicle drivers to conduct the full-deduction education and verification education for illegal deduction of motor vehicle drivers in a comprehensive and standardized manner and practically strengthen the basic education work of motor vehicle drivers. In accordance with the Work Specifications on the Full-deduction Education and Verification Education of Illegal Deduction of Motor Vehicle Drivers (Trial) formulated by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, we publicize the knowledge about traffic safety through combination of multiple education means as well as “Verification Education” and “Full-deduction Education”.   

2 Structure 

Logically, the Platform for Full-deduction Education and Verification Education of Illegal Deduction of Motor Vehicle Drivers is divided into the support equipment & facilities, education carriers, undertaking businesses and targets of service, as well as the attendance system and video monitoring system throughout the full-process management of two education services. 

(1). Support equipment

The support equipment mainly includes: the education venue, electronic teaching equipment and others for on-site education; the education platform, attendance system, mobile phone, computer, etc. for online education; and 3D cinema, VR experience equipment, video monitoring equipment, etc. for experience education. 

(2). Carriers 

The education carriers mainly include the online education, on-site education and experience education. 

(3). Business 

The business mainly involves the full-deduction education for the drivers who accumulate 12 demerit points within the point period, the verification education of large and medium-sized passenger/cargo truck drivers and school bus drivers, and so forth.  

(4). Targets 

The service targets at the people and administrators receiving the re-education, mainly including drivers, management personnel of traffic administration departments, system administrators, etc., as well as the social public. 

                                                                           Figure: 1 Overall Structure 

The on-site education, online education and experience education include the following contents: laws and regulations on road traffic safety, common sense of traffic safety and civilized driving, emergency knowledge, warning education of traffic accident cases, preventive driving knowledge, mental health knowledge for driving, and other aspects. Meanwhile, the on-site education system, online education system, experience education system and attendance management system function as the guarantee and support. 


3 Product Advantages 

(1). Effect-focused: The contents and ways of education are allocated reasonably to meet the requirements for re-educated drivers and enhance the effect of education. 
(2). Efficient utilization: The on-site education facilities are complete, and the recording/broadcasting system provides materials for online education at later stage, avoiding the repeated work. 
(3). Convenience-oriented: The convenient design of online education system achieves the online appointment, registration and payment on PC and mobile APP. 
(4). Reinforced management: Boasting the full-process video monitoring, anti-cheat testing for online education, automatic statistics of attendance and credit hours, the service is oriented to the public security and traffic management personnel, and convenient for appointment and registration. 
(5). Refined layout: With the refined design, the experience education introduces the concept of “threat & bribe”, and the education is conducted in an orderly way. 
(6). Clear education theme: With the special theme design of demerit for illegal acts, it reduces the demerit acts of re-educated people through the combination of threat, warning and reasonable education. 
(7). Simulated experience: By use of simulated driving, VR experience and other hi-tech products, the emergency area simulates various accident scenes (i.e., loss of control of direction, side slip, fire escape, brake failure) most concerned by drivers, and provides the experience opportunity to publicize various emergency knowledge among the people, so as to enhance the survival possibility of traffic accidents. 

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