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VR Experience

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Education-oriented VR Experience

1. Overview 
By way of interactive experience, it can make drivers to clearly realize their own driving habits and common traffic safety risks during their practical driving, so as to enhance their skills and awareness of safety driving. 
2. Scenarios 
(1). Emergency lane occupancy on highway 
(2). Reversal & retrogradation on highway 
(3). Overstaff, overload, overspeed and fatigue driving experience 
(4). Interactive experience of driving examination 
(5). Drowning escape experience 
(6). Emergency response to vehicle tyre burst 
(7). Emergency response to braking failure 
(8). Emergency response to act of rescue 

Self-help VR experience 

1. Fire escape on the coach 

This product simulates the scenario how a person can escape with the safety appliances within the time limit after a bus is on fire. While learning through playing, participants can also be familiar with various means of escape, so as to avoid the common casualties. 
The contents include: how to escape by breaking the window with a hammer; how to escape by the on-board fire extinguisher; and how to open the emergency window for escape. Compared with the traditional explanation by staff, this product is so vivid that participants can experience in person how to actively save themselves upon the occurrence of a vehicle accident.  

2. Simulated Fire Escape 
With the scenarios such as hotel, factory, residential building, office building, etc., it applies the virtual emulation technique to restore the environment full of smoke and with poor visibility in a real fire. Participants can seek the right route of escape by operating the handle and moving actors. The screen before us is showing a fire scenario, where trainees shall walk out of fire site within the specified time; if succeeded, they escape; otherwise, they fail. 

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