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Solution for Traffic Safety Publicity and Education Base

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1 Overview 

Aiming to provide a vivid traffic safety experience service for the social public, the traffic safety publicity and education base is used as a window to publicize the concepts of civilized travel and safe travel for the public so as to enhance the legality consciousness, safety consciousness and civilization consciousness of citizens in transportation by setting multiple experience areas covering driving simulation, fatal drunk driving, child safety seat, magical safety belt, alarm training, self-rescue and mutual rescue, school bus safety and 4D dynamic theater. 

2 Structure 

The publicity and education base is planned to comprise functional areas such as lobby, traffic safety cognition area, traffic safety experience area, traffic safety warning area, scene education experience area, tail hall, traffic safety theme park and system management area. In the actual construction, it will be divided into corps level, detachment level and brigade level traffic safety publicity and education bases according to the unit positioning and field area of the employer. 

                              Figure: 1 Graphic Chart of the Publicity and Education Base 


                  Figure: 2 Layout Structure of Traffic Safety Experience Venue 

3 Product Advantages

In the form of multimedia and with the means of sound, light and electricity, the base creates a traffic safety publicity and education product integrating science and technology, education, entertainment and warning. 
Compared with the traditional publicity way, it has three advantages: 
- Active publicity instead of passive publicity; 
- Diversified publicity objects;  
- Strong visual and physical feeling impact effect of publicity. 

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