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Solution for Smart Transportation Big Data

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1 Overview 

The data age brings unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the smart transportation. The improvement of the management and analysis capability for massive traffic data and the realization of the value of transportation data are becoming the core to enhance traffic intelligence. The Smart Transportation Data Platform (STDP) of Beijing Gaocheng Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-performance data platform oriented to integrated traffic big data. The platform, based on traffic data and industry-related data, provides the assets management capability of traffic data, sharing and exchange capacity of traffic data and traffic information, and traffic service function support capacity. It is the smart brain of city traffic data lake. 


2 Structure


3 Product Advantages 

(1). High-performance traffic data convergence and integration capability
(2). Efficient traffic data storage management capability
(3). Rich traffic data model and algorithm library
(4). Mature traffic element portrait model
(5). Standard open data access interface
(6). Intelligent platform operation and maintenance

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