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Police Data Cube Big Data Application Solution

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1 Overview 

The police data cube big data application system is a big data application system oriented to the public security traffic authority and integrating free data screening, multi-dimensional collision, deep information judgment and analysis. At present, the access data includes the checkpoint passage data concerned by the public security traffic authority and the six-in-one data (motor vehicle, accident, illegal act, etc.), and more data will be added. It mainly has three major modules, i.e. data screening, congestion analysis and comprehensive analysis. 
Data screening module: The multi-dimensional association modeling can be made for the structured multi-source public security traffic control data such as checkpoint passage data and the six-in-one data (motor vehicle, accident, illegal act, etc.). Users can screen the satisfied passage, motor vehicle, accident, illegal act, driver and unit through multi-dimensional condition limits. The data in line with the user's business needs can be achieved through simple operation, and the multi-dimensional visual data judgment and analysis can be conducted for the data result set.   
Congestion analysis module: This module aims to relieve traffic congestion, integrating the monitoring, early warning, rule analysis and decision-making support. The existing version mainly takes the passage data such as checkpoint and electric police of traffic authority as well as automotive electronic tags as the data source for the judgment, and the weather, traffic control, accident, construction and other information sources can be included in the future, so as to provide all-round decision-making support for the traffic authority to develop congestion relief policies. 
Comprehensive analysis module: Analysis on key motor vehicle drivers, analysis on warning condition, analysis on accident and analysis on illegal act are made to provide supports for the traffic authority to develop traffic safety policies. 

2 Structure 

2.1 Logical structure 

Figure 1 Logical Architecture of Police Data Cube

2.2 Composition 

Figure 2 Composition Architecture of Police Data Cube

3 Product Advantages 

(1). Instant access of mass data: The second-level response to 10-billion data query can be realized on the basis of cloud computing and big data technology.
(2). Flexible screening of multi-source data: Boasting nearly tens of thousands of condition combinations, the flexible screening is provided for the data of passage, motor vehicle and driver, with the second-level response to table query.
(3). Deep analysis of data collision results: Deep judgment and analysis is made for multidimensional data collision results to mine data association and analyze operating law of traffic. 

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