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Solution for Sharing & Exchange and Decision Analysis of Traffic Big Data

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1 Overview 
In response to the needs of integrated traffic management departments for data sharing & exchange in their business application and big data application, the platform for sharing & exchange and decision analysis of Traffic Big Data achieves the sharing & exchange, characteristic analysis and visual presentation of mass integrated traffic data, and mine the data value sufficiently, with the big data portrait as the core and aiming to research the nature of traffic problems and support the coordinated application of multiple traffic modes.  
Based on the urban transport big data such as urban road network, expressways, general highways, ground transportation, urban logistics, railway passenger transport, long-distance passenger transport, driving management basic information and urban weather forecast information and supported by data base portrait, data sharing analysis and traffic characteristic association analysis, the platform for integrated traffic decision-making support services of cross-sectoral data fusion is the big data industrialization application platform which can realize the data sharing and coordinated opening of data among the governments and enterprises at ministerial, provincial and municipal levels, enhance collaborative management and public service capabilities, assist government decision-making, and provide travel information services, traffic guidance and other big data industry applications. 



2 Structure
The platform for sharing & exchange and decision analysis of Traffic Big Data includes:
- One platform (big data computing platform) 
- Five systems (analysis system of industry supervision, mining analysis system of traffic characteristics, coordinated application system of intelligent knowledge base, submission system of report generation, and data sharing & exchange system) 
- One data resource center (integrated traffic big data resource center) 

Overall structural diagram 

3 Product Advantages 

3.1 Multi-field, multi-dimensional data mining and auxiliary decision-making services 

Oriented to the integrated transportation, urban traffic and other business fields, the platform can achieve the deep mining and development momentum judgment of industrial operation characteristics based on multiple dimensions, i.e., time, space, personnel, events and influence factors, so as to provide the auxiliary decision-making services for industry authorities from multiple perspectives. 

3.2 Multi-dimensional consistent portrait of traffic characteristics 

Based on the professional index library and targeting at infrastructures, vehicles, passengers and goods, we create the expression methods of traffic characteristics portrait with consistent logics from multiple dimensions such as time, space, business fields and external influence factors, so as to accurately portray the characteristics of operating laws of all business fields, reflect the characteristics of operation rules of such traffic elements as people, vehicles, roads, goods and terminal yards, and to meet the business needs for industry supervision, safety & emergency, congestion decision-making, travel services, etc. 

3.3 Associative analysis on indicators with high degree of freedom 

Based on the visual technology with high degree of freedom and by use of the rule analysis and extraction methods, i.e., classification, regression analysis, clustering, association rules, characteristics, changes and variance analysis, it creates the rule extraction technology of road network changes of different dimensions and analyze how the characteristics with different dimensional affect cities. It realizes the extraction of road operation characteristics based on layering of dimensional characteristics, and analyzes the operation rules of different dimensional characteristics, thus achieving the deep mining & analysis and coordinated application of traffic big data. 

3.4 Coordinated application of traffic operation knowledge base based on artificial intelligence 

In view of the relevance between multiple influence factors of traffic operation and operation characteristics, and proceeding from road network operation, static and dynamic traffic coordination and others, the coordinated application system of knowledge base based on learning algorithm of artificial intelligence can achieve the knowledge-based evolution and forecast application of traffic operation rules, and assist the daily travel services, traffic guidance for major holidays and preventive management decision-making. 

3.5 List link-typed data sharing & opening management 

Relying on the analysis of data characteristics and relevant application technology of data storage services, the integrated data sharing & exchange and management service application is created on the basis of information resource catalog and data service application. Oriented to the multi-source static and dynamic data of all fields of integrated traffic, it aims to create the data list of fine granularity and automatic management services, and realize the data version evolution management and traceability, dynamic monitoring and early warning of data route, online evaluation of data quality, automatic analysis of data logs, and other applications, so as to provide the intelligent services which enable business personnel to grasp the operating status of industry big data. 

3.6 Multi-dimensional visual presentation of integrated application oriented to big data 

Based on deep mining of big data, it provides the multi-dimensional visual means of presentation in response to the needs of industry business management, and integrates electronic map, 3D image, touch screen, intelligentized reports, mobile terminal and other means of presentation to provide the richer and profound big data for users. 

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