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Collaborative Management Solution for Road Network Operation

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1. Overview

An integrated solution to establish a multi-layer perception system of road network, promote business collaboration with information linkage, build integrated, intelligent collaboration management oriented to highway network operation management services, and achieve accurate monitoring, timely response, efficient disposal, scientific decision-making and convenient service. Key users are all levels of road management departments of ministries, provinces, municipalities and counties.

The collaborative management platform for road network operation includes seven functions as follows:
- Monitoring and early warning on road network operation
Through the perception of multi-source data such as road network traffic survey data, operating vehicle GPS data, traffic detection data, video detection data, charging data and mobile phone signaling data, the monitoring and early warning on the traffic state are achieved, including monitoring and early warning on the technical conditions of bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure; monitoring and early warning on the operating environment of highway weather, road conditions and speed environment; and monitoring and early warning on emergencies based on video analysis.  
- Auxiliary decision-making of road network operation  
The analysis on the operation rules of the road network, analysis on the high degree of freedom of road network, and deduction and evaluation on the traffic simulation of the plan are achieved relying on the road network operation knowledge base.
- Road network emergency response management
The emergency response system functions as the key approach to enhance the capacity of emergency command system in the aspects of control and monitoring, forecast and early warning, information reporting, comprehensive judgment, command and dispatch, resource management and information releasing. It consists of the customized information sharing system, emergency watch and management system, risk and hazard management system, emergency resource management system, emergency auxiliary support system, command scheduling system, emergency assessment system, and training drill.
- Integrated management for road network maintenance
It mainly aims to realize the functions of multi-dimensional basic information management, integrated management of road network, patrol management, data analysis, GPS query, multimedia management, special image management, backstage management, development of customized business module, etc.
- Integrated management for highway administration
The management system of highway administration is used to support the management work of highway administration, mainly including the functional sub-systems of case handling, law enforcement patrol, command and dispatch, law enforcement supervision, law enforcement assessment, statistical analysis, law enforcement management, information service, and others.
- Road network travel information service
It renders the administrative processing, business query and other government services by various releasing channels.
- Integrated management for road network video
By integrating and accessing to the multi-source and various video streams and images, it can realize the functions of video image monitoring management, video image collection, early warning of image identification, statistical analysis of data, equipment monitoring and maintenance, platform management, etc. 

2. Structure

The collaborative management platform for road network operation includes four layers  as follows:

3. Product Advantages

- All-round, multi-functional integrated smart road management security system
- Visual monitoring and early warning of road traffic accidents
- Smart contingency plan evaluation optimization and auxiliary decision-making support
- Operation monitoring and emergency response application support at provincial, municipal and county levels
- Abundant highway traffic operation monitoring index library 


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