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Solution for Safety and Smoothness and Emergency Response of Highway and Waterway Traffic

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1. Overview

Oriented to the business areas of inter-city highways, waterways, road transport, engineering construction, safety and emergency response and aiming at "key control, timely warning, rapid response and linkage disposal", the solution for safety and smoothness and emergency response of highway and waterway traffic is a comprehensive business supervision service to provide daily operation monitoring, security management, auxiliary decision-making, emergency response, information service and other business applications for the industry authorities, get through the inter-regional, inter-sectoral and inter-level information interconnection channels and promote multi-sectoral business collaboration and linkage.
The target users are the competent authorities of transportation at provincial, municipal and county levels, including the departments and institutions in charge of safety supervision and emergency business. The business covers the management of highway/waterway infrastructures, road transport management, traffic engineering construction safety supervision, emergency response, etc.   

2. Structure

Seven application systems (road network operation management system, road transport operation management system, waterway transport environment operation management system, waterway transport operation management system, traffic safety production management system, traffic engineering construction safety management system, highway and waterway emergency response system) are created on the basis of the data resource center (traffic information resource cloud center). The overall framework is shown in the following figure: 

3. Product Advantages

(1). All-round, multi-functional integrated business management system
Orienting to the safety and emergency response of highway and waterway traffic, we can provide an integrated application system of the platform for safety and emergency response of highway and waterway traffic, which consists of one command center, six application platforms and one data resource center. We have built the platform covering the management on four major operations (road network operation, road transport, waterway transport environment operation, waterway transport), and management on two major safety supervisions (enterprise safety production supervision, safety supervision for traffic engineering construction).

(2). Intelligentized evaluation optimization and auxiliary support of response plans and management decisions
The plan generation deduction and evaluation optimization as well as the policy effect simulation prediction based on the simulation platform are developed in respect to the preparation of response plan for major emergencies as well as relevant policy on transport smoothness assurance. It aims to realize the quantified forecast evaluation on management decisions and flows of response plans, provide the convenient tools for response plan adjustment & optimization and simulated operation, and render the reliable, convenient, economic and scientific auxiliary decision-making means of ex ante forecast and ex post evaluation for competent authorities upon decision-making.

(3). Operation monitoring and emergency response application support at provincial, municipal and county levels
Tallying with the needs of management system, mechanism and business of the transportation industry, we create the information-based business platform for transport supervision and security emergency response at provincial, municipal and county levels through process optimization, functional deepening, data fusion and mining and other modern information technologies, providing the reliable information-based tools for the cross-regional, cross-sectoral and cross-level coordinated linkage of transportation.

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