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Integrated Operation Coordination and Emergency Command Solution of Traffic (TOCC)

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1. Overview

The integrated operation coordination and emergency command solution of urban traffic (TOCC), based on the data resources of transportation industry infrastructure, transportation equipment, operational status, industry enterprises, employees, relevant government departments, internet and operators, aims to build a new generation of traffic transportation industry management agent for transportation industry management and service departments with “the brightest eyes in city operation monitoring”, “the strongest brain in the big data system analysis” and “the best starting point of collaborative command and information service” around the needs of integrated traffic operation supervision and services of governments at all levels, industry enterprise operation services and the convenient travel of the public.   

2. Structure

TOCC is a seven-layer architecture consisting of one command center (integrated traffic operation monitoring and emergency command center), five platforms (integrated traffic operation monitoring and early warning sub-platform, coordinated command sub-platform of integrated traffic operation, integrated traffic video image management sub-platform, auxiliary decision-making sub-platform of integrated traffic, and integrated traffic information service sub-platform), and one data resource center (integrated traffic data resource center). The overall framework is as follows: 

3. Product Advantages

(1) Real-time dynamic monitoring and early warming of multi-level refined supervision

It aims to build the workbench interface at the levels of macroscopic, intermediate and microcosmic perspective to achieve macroscopic and all-round monitoring over the whole status of city traffic operation by levels, and to support the coordinated operation of integrated traffic; from the intermediate perspective, it deepens the analysis on industry operation characteristics, and enhances the reliability of industry operation; from the microscopic view, it judges the industry information data meticulously and analyzes the trend of industry operation. All fields monitor the integrated traffic at the levels of road network, region, channel and node, so as to provide the strong support for enhancing the refinement of traffic management departments.

(2) Flexible configuration analysis of multi-scenario and multi-dimensional indicators

Smashing the barriers to industry fields and regular concept of analysis, it forms over 300 sets of professional attribute indicators in 19 fields. Based on the scenario-based and multi-dimensional analysis, users can freely configure and combine indicators, and achieve the smart analysis of traffic operation status. Besides, it can provide the in-depth and configurable analysis tools of professional business, and support the business big data mining and auxiliary decision-making reliably.

(3) Associative analysis and proposal deducing evaluation driven by big data

It is designed to build the regular and customized analysis application platform, assist the management decision makers to mine the influence factors strongly related to the traffic operation characteristics, and provide the reference for identifying the cause of problems and optimizing the study on measures; besides, it achieves the simulated deduction and evaluation of various traffic emergency proposals, and provides the ex ante effect analysis & forecast and ex ante evaluation.

(4) Business-embedded application service

In view of the needs of integrated traffic operation monitoring, the platform can support the selection of date, and generate the brief report, express, daily report, weekly report, special report, weekly report on operation monitoring, etc. automatically, thus reducing the manpower and man-hour. Online process management is provided for the editing, review, release and filing of various monitoring reports. New report templates can be added, achieving the expandable monitoring reports. The contents can be defined according to the monitoring templates, including overall operating condition, city traffic, national & provincial trunk lines, highway, railway, civil aviation, and others.

(5) Chain-typed data management and application support

Targeting at the bulky business data, it creates the chain-typed data management and application service which integrates multi-source data fusion & sharing, real-time monitoring of data interconnection channels, data quality judgment & early warning, and smart traceability of data logs, etc., and provides the technical support of industry big data management, analysis and linkage for the needs of integrated transportation industry supervision and service.


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