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Comprehensive Solution for Urban Traffic Congestion

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1. Overview

Based on the big data association analysis and taking government traffic data and internet data fusion and application as the core, the E-Hualu “comprehensive solutions of urban traffic congestion” realizes the authoritative congestion judgment, pre-evaluation of visualization scheme design, post-evaluation of automatic scheme and traffic guidance of fine demand side, which integrates the scheme and congestion relief service and supports continuous optimization of traffic. 

2. Structure

The platform is divided into five layers logistically: data acquisition layer, data processing and storage layer, business support layer, business layer and business presentation layer. 


(1) Data acquisition layer

It is mainly designed to complete the acquisition of public security and traffic management data, transportation data and Internet data.

(2) Data processing and storage layer

It can achieve the access data processing through distributed message queue, search engine ElasticSearch, dispatch service Zookeeper, distributed flow processing engine, big data congestion relief computing engine, etc.; and store the access data through the memory database Redis, distributed database Hbase, relational database MySQL, etc. according to the needs of applied logic.

(3) Business support layer  

Based on traffic business models and in view of business application, it can provide the support services such as the characteristic portrait on the supplies, characteristic portrait on the demands, road network operation index base, road network digitalization model base, road network operation knowledge base, etc.

(4) Business layer

Adopting the modular design and focusing on the human-computer interaction, it can provide four systems: congestion trend judgment system, congestion relief program decision-making support system, effectiveness evaluation system of congestion relief engineering, and support system of integrated congestion control.

(5) Business presentation layer

It can realize the functions of operation rule analysis, signal optimization, proposal development & design, proposal evaluation, traffic guidance and travel service, and generate the traffic operation reports.

3. Product Advantages

(1) The solution, combined with the congestion relief service, provides a model of a variety of integrated solutions to traffic congestion.
(2) The solution can realize the integration of management and control of scheme design - management - simulation – post-assessment of traffic organization, and improve the scientific level of traffic management.
(3) Based on the traffic guidance and travel service providers, the solution can realize the integrated traffic congestion control with the combination of supply side and demand side, and achieve the informationized, visualized, quantified and smart daily traffic organization control. 

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