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Solution for Urban Traffic Monitoring and Evaluation

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1. Overview

The core of the solution for urban traffic monitoring and evaluation is the comprehensive control governance and simulation service platform. Based on the associative analysis of big data and integrating the data analysis and macroscopic/microscopic simulation, the platform for comprehensive control governance and simulation service platform is able to combine the functions of authoritative analysis & judgment of traffic operation status, effect evaluation of traffic policies and measures, traffic dispersion on the refined demands, visual program design and pre-assessment, data mining and characteristic analysis with high degree of freedom. With the traffic IoT data and Internet data fusion on mobile terminal as the core, it can provide the support tools of integrated traffic data management, mining, analysis and evaluation for dynamic judgment & analysis of traffic operation status, urban traffic operation simulation and comparative analysis around the implementation of traffic policies. It is a necessary approach to reduce the economic loss arisen out of blind policy formulation, and also a scientific platform which can achieve the pre-judgment, monitoring and comparison of urban traffic management.   



2. Structure 

3. Product Advantages

- The policy risk and economic risk can be reduced through traffic policy analysis pre-assessment
- The integration of program design assessment can enhance the work efficiency
- The auxiliary decision-making of visual human-computer interaction can strengthen the understanding and local characteristics of the program
- The program evaluation driven by real-time data can enhance the normalization and scientificity of traffic management
- The traffic data mining and characteristic analysis with high degree of freedom can realize the index differentiation
- Microscopic traffic simulation model helps achieve the refined management and control
- Automatic output and submission of statements simply the work flow 

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