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Urban Intelligent Parking Solution

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1. Overview
In view of the integrated needs of smart city and smart traffic, the integrated platform of urban smart parking management utilizes the advanced technology such as Internet, parking lot IoT, IoV, mobile network, big data, etc. within the jurisdiction of the whole city to include the static resource information and dynamic service information of all parking facilities of off-street parking lots and road parking lots into the information-based platform, and to achieve the parking information interaction, parking information consumption and parking data service through the unified mode of data , management, payment and service. The aim is to vitalize the stock of parking facilities in the city by centering on the government-funded public parking lots, increase the urban parking facilities by guiding social capitals to participate in the construction of parking facilities by fiscal funds, mitigate parking conflicts and optimize parking order by focusing on the demands guided by parking demands.   

2. Structure 


3. Product Advantages


(1). Interconnected, Integrated, Smart and Coordinated

The solution to the smart parking provides a new route of system planning and practical construction for the efficient operation and management of urban parking. By giving play to the huge potential of spatial information hosting application, the solution to the smart parking can enhance the level of management and service of modern urban parking greatly following the lean management concept, promoting the coordinated development of urban traffic integration.
Based on the interconnection, data exchange and sharing, the urban parking management and service platform centered on the interaction of governments, enterprises and car owners can provide the integrated collaborative services, as well as more smart, efficient, flexible and timely decision-making support, management means and service contents for the management and operation of urban parking. The innovative application mode of parking management has been created.


(2). Safe, Convenient, Efficient and Green

From the perspective of urban traffic, the safety, convenience, efficiency and greenness represent harmony in nature. The solution to the smart marking is committed to promoting the organic integration of advanced information technology and urban parking management, so as to help promoting harmonious relationship between people and cities, cities and nature. Through smart parking, the management and operation of urban parking will become more safe, convenient, efficient and green. The static and dynamic order of traffic of cities will be more harmonious. 


(3). Achieving the all-win of urban parking management and operation

Through integration of advanced information technology and management concept, the solution to the smart parking aims to achieve the all-win of urban parking management, urban parking services and urban parking operation. On construction ideas, it gives full play to the governmental role on leadership and coordination, and secures the sound and orderly development of smart parking construction.


(4). New mode of smart parking construction and operation with investment benefit

In aspect of smart parking construction, the advanced concepts of service-oriented government, i.e., “small government, big society”, “government-funded services”, and so on, are advocated. Through changing the construction mode dominated by EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), it actively promotes the PPP mode, combines the existing funds and future benefits, and positively introduces the social resources for investment, operation, etc. so as to reduce the fiscal expenditures of government, enhance the efficiency of administration and strive for market operations and win-win development. 


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