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Dual-Network and Dual-Platform Solution

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1. Overview

According to the requirements of Three-Year Plan of Safety Control System Construction of National Main Trunk Highways, the construction of dual-network and dual-platform is conducted in order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the symposium of the Director of the Ministry of Public Security, vigorously promote the construction of basic informatization, police actualization, law enforcement standardization and team regularization of the public security traffic administration departments, and further strengthen and innovate the road traffic management work.
E-Hualu integrated command platform and the integrated command platform of Ministry of Public Security have their own focuses, complementary in functions and collaborated.

2. Structure

3. Product Advantages

- Strong integration capability
It supports a variety of integrated communication methods and can integrate the outfield equipment of all domestic mainstream manufacturers;
- Diversified expandability
The rich access interface and adaptation services greatly improve the expandability of E-Hualu platform;
- Mature deep application
It fully integrates with the “1 +3” solutions of the Ministry of Public Security, and is complementary to the application of integrated command platform (core version);
- The private network platform based on local business practice  
Oriented to business leaders and business positions, it provides traffic optimization and control, law enforcement inspection, service scheduling, information services, operation & maintenance management, other daily business functions and visual analysis and decision-making from the decision-making leadership, multi-level center to the road position. It is complementary to the core version to realize the forecasting and early warning, real-time control and decision support of area-wide traffic and enhance the intelligent control level.
- Cases of Successful Integration
At present, E-Hualu is the only enterprise that integrates with the integrated command platform (core version) successfully. The successful cases include the traffic management departments in more than 20 cities in Jilin, Chongqing, Henan, Hubei and Shandong. 

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