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“Internet+” Solution

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1. Overview

The Internet+-based Urban Traffic Management and Service Solution of E-Hualu boasts the advantages of the Internet traffic information services in real-time road condition, path planning and life-oriented POI services. Adhering to the concept of Internet thinking data sharing and service sharing, E-Hualu conducts the secure interaction and deep fusion of intelligent transportation control platform and Internet traffic information service, thus achieving accurate command and convenient service. E-Hualu intelligent transportation control platform has realized deep fusion with Internet traffic information service in many new projects in the whole country, forming a mature cooperation and application model in traffic information release, POI service and judgment of traffic law.   

2. Structure 

3. Product Advantages

- Internet+ command and dispatch
The command and dispatch business of public security traffic control command center is combined with POI and path planning to speed up the of alarm receiving, dispatching and sending efficiency of command and dispatch business;
- Internet+ traffic flow
The Internet road condition is introduced into the intelligent transportation control platform, so the Internet road condition can combine with roadside traffic flow detection equipment organically, prove each other and increase the judgment accuracy of road conditions;
- Internet+ large event security
Using Internet, it improves the efficiency of security route planning for large-scale activities, reduces the organization cost of activities and enhances the overall level of security;
- Internet+ information service
Through a variety of Internet information releasing channels, it releases the authoritative information about public security traffic control to the public, so the public can know the road conditions immediately. 

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