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Operation & Maintenance Service Solution

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1. Overview

The traffic operation & maintenance management and service solution can comprehensively monitor and manage the operating conditions of network and system software and hardware through the traffic equipment management system, traffic facility management system, IT equipment management system, application operation monitoring system, mobile operation & maintenance, police resource management system and system management center. Additionally, it provides a centralized and unified authority authentication and resource allocation management for the platforms and business systems, achieving the overall operation & maintenance management including asset allocation management, operation monitoring, operation & maintenance service and statistical analysis.   

2. Structure 

3. Product Advantages

The solution is designed with flexible expandability and high reliability, strong access performance and rapid response on the basis of unified regulatory requirements and industry standards (including GAT 1043-2013, GA1049 and other industry specifications). Meanwhile, integrating many years of E-Hualu project construction and operation & maintenance experience in the field of intelligent transportation, it can effectively help customers conduct the system operation & maintenance to, let the customers clearly know what equipment they have, where the equipment should be installed, whether the equipment is able to work, whether the equipment is in good condition, who repairs it and when repair is over. 

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