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Overseas Solution

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1. Overview

The Overseas Market-Driven Traffic Control Solution combines the features of overseas business and orients the new products adaptable to overseas business, such as the traffic illegal act punishment system, forming a unique style. On the basis of GIS platform and through the integration of traffic signal control system, traffic flow collection and analysis system, traffic information guidance and release system, electronic police system, checkpoint system, road video monitoring system and other business sub-systems, this solution analyzes and processes the acquired traffic information and realizes the central management, integrated utilization and trans-departmental sharing of traffic data resources to help handle the traffic accidents promptly, conduct traffic control and guidance; moreover, it releases the traffic information by multiple channels to traffic participants, so as to achieve the multi-language integrated traffic command platform which integrates the information acquisition, command, scheduling and decision-making.   

2. Structure 


3. Product Advantages

Unified framework single sign-on (SSO)
Web applications are integrated into the unified framework through SSO and access control, solving the multi-entry for multisystem, disunity of patterns and other problems;
Load equalization and hot standby
Solve the problems of product efficiency and availability through the program of load equalization and hot standby;
Https information security
The system safeguards the information security of users through https protocol. 

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