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ICV Solution

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1. Overview

The Internet of Vehicles (IOV), based on the GPS, RFID and other advanced sensor equipment installed in the smart cars, achieves the vehicle, road and people networking through the interaction of wireless communication technology and sensing technology. The administrators can understand various indicators and related abnormal behavior of vehicle running as well as the road traffic and abnormal events in the center through a variety of means. Smart cars can complete the corresponding actions after receiving the commands from the road side unit and center.

2. Structure  

3. Product Advantages

Based on the interactive fusion of intelligent traffic and ICV and oriented to the social ICV level test service, it provides the basic platform for vehicle safety diagnosis, automatic driving, V2X, safety-assisted driving test environment and test report, 4g/5g, DSRC, LET-V communication technology R&D and test environment. In the future, it will provide cutting-edge technology in test research services for the national ICV, thus breaking through the new idea of China’s ICV. 

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