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Traffic Signal Control Solution

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1. Overview
Based on the industry chain of specialized traffic signal control ecosystem, E-Hualu real-time adaptive optimized traffic signal control system adopts the concept of “innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing” using the traffic big data, Internet and artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies; promote traffic data sharing, enhance the level of traffic big data applications by aiming at enhancing the level of traffic signal control, improving the networking control efficiency of traffic signal, guaranteeing traffic safety, reducing traffic energy consumption, enhancing the level of traffic services and facilitating public travel; make innovation and lead the sustainable development of China’s intelligent transportation by facing the development needs.   
2. Structure

The system adopts the three-level control mode. i.e. intersection signal control, area-wide signal control and centralized control. The intersection signal control includes the signal control server, detector, IOV and ERI, and information transmission. The area-wide signal control includes the area-wide signal control server and area-wide control software. The centralized control includes the centralized control server, optimization server, database server, GIS server, system simulation database control, traffic signal control big data platform and corresponding client management software.

3. System advantages

Center platform control function 
System control strategy
The system integrates and processes the real-time sensing road traffic parameters and generates different control strategies in real time for different traffic conditions, achieving the adaptive optimization of the signal control.
The system includes control strategies such as single point control, trunk coordinated control, area-wide coordination and optimization control, manual intervention control, bus priority control, special force control, pedestrian crossing control, emergency priority control and congestion control.
System features
- Independent R&D and structured design, with function applications customized according to user needs
- Clear, simple and friendly Chinese operation interface, with simple and flexible operation, easy to learn and use, easy to manage and maintain.
- Automatic recovery function
- Rich control strategies to meet the complex traffic needs
- Self-learning ability, automatically generating optimization proposal through big data analysis
- Multi-hierarchy, adaptive-control and disturbed- restraint (HADR) traffic signal control technology:
- Accessing to more than 10 domestic signal control machines
- Integrating with E-Hualu and international fine signal optimization module
- Cooperating with Huawei to create the international precedent of domestic signal control system
- Cooperating with Hualu and Panasonic to build quality control system for signal machine production
- Open signal optimization module control protocol and signal control machine access protocol
- Conducting strategic cooperation with Tongji University and Beijing Institute of Technology
- Building signal joint control laboratory in Xiamen, Tianjin, Shenzhen and other places

Successful cases:
E-Hualu real-time adaptive optimized traffic signal control system has been applied in more than 200 cities in 17 provinces and widely praised by the owners.
- Pakistan intelligent transportation project
- Kenya intelligent transportation project
- Intelligent transportation pilot road construction project in Xiamen
- Intelligent transportation networking control project in Xiamen
- “Smart Changde” project
- Public Security Traffic Command Center project of Public Security Bureau of Maoming City
- Traffic signal control system renovation project in Hami City
- Intelligent transportation system equipment of Wangqing Public Security Bureau
- Baicheng smart city construction project
- Traffic Control System of Municipal Road Project in Liu Changshan Road, Jinan City
- Baotou road traffic monitoring project
-  Yancheng urban traffic intelligent construction project
- ……

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