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Offline Standardized Senior Care Service System

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By means of the industrial fund or PPP investment mode, based on early planning, focusing on the demands for senior citizens and taking intelligent senior care as the priority, we introduce the advanced senior care service models at home and abroad, renovate and construct day care centers of communities and senior care institutions, and build an “three-in-one” senior care ecology system integrating institutional senior care, community senior care and home-based senior care, and provide the following service contents:

● Overall planning and design of the urban and rural senior care industry.

Focusing on the needs of senior citizens and combining the latest senior care management and service concepts, we plan the objectives and ideas, the overall structure and functions, the governmental and social cooperation model and their respective positioning, senior care for the transformation and upgrading of senior care services, senior care service functions and management modes, implementation routes, etc.

● Transformation, upgrading and construction of day care centers.

The day care centers, as the ultimate carriers of senior care services, will perform their functions to provide services for senior citizens. In terms of resource utilization, we take full use of the existing day care centers, renovate and operate the unused centers or those temporarily used as the senior care service facilities for other purposes (such as activity centers for senior citizens), and consider constructing new day care centers for communities that have not been covered with day care centers.

● Participation in investment, construction and operation of senior care institutions.

According to the construction planning of government welfare institutions and the construction situation of commercial senior care institutions, we introduce the operation and management mode of advanced senior care institutions, and participate in the construction and operation of public or commercial welfare institutions.

●Investment in the construction of senior care industrial parks, and establishment of supporting systems, such as senior care facility R&D centers and equipment production bases.

We introduce advanced senior care facilities or technologies at home and abroad to study the application and implementation of the technologies of relevant intelligent senior care products.

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