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Business spirit: efficiency, pragmatism, innovation and standardization

● Efficiency is our belief about work. We should treasure time and always preserve enthusiasm.    
● Pragmatism is our work style. We should be practical and realistic. 
● Innovation is the thinking of our work. We should be always bold to make a breakthrough and ready to explore.    
● Regulation is the basis of our work. We should be honest, keep faith and dedicate to our duties. 

Business philosophy: Respect, Cultivation, Dependence and Satisfaction 

Adhering to the talent philosophy of “Respect, Cultivation, Dependence and Satisfaction, the human-oriented cultural concept, and the incentive policy of “high payment for good work”, we are committed to creating the enterprise management philosophy of E-Hualu and endowing each employee with the sense of dignity, happiness and achievement. 
We always deem talents as the foundation of enterprise development: we safeguard all rights and interests of employees, enhance their career development, enrich their sparetime life, and strive to develop the enterprise into a talent highland and to provide various talents with a vast development space and a favorable growth environment, so as to enable each capable and enterprising talent to exert their capacity and achieve self-worth in E-Hualu. 


Objective of action: Promises Must Be Kept and Actions Must Be Resolute. 

Integrity, the core values of E-Hualu, is the cornerstone of enterprise culture, the lofty virtue of E-Hualu people and also the root of establishment and expansion of E-Hualu. E-Hualu advocates the holistic values of good faith, that is, we should be in good faith to our shareholders, clients, employees and the society. 
The standard and efficient execution is our belief and pursuit. We should not keep promises but remain resolute in deeds, which is E-Hualu’s promise to shareholders, clients and the society and also the ultimate objective of our actions.

Pattern of behavior: Seeking Truth from Facts and Making Innovation in Practice 

Based on our history and social needs, E-Hualu has formed the pattern of behavior featuring “seeking truth from facts and making innovation in practice”. The people of E-Hualu endure hardship and research particularly, and also dare to break through traditions and strive to explore and attempt new concepts, methods and routes. Meanwhile, the people of E-Hualu always have the gratitude, pursue excellence and share the return. We not only provide clients with diversified products and services, but also contribute our endeavors to create a beautiful and noble lifestyle for the public. 

Our vision: Industry Pioneer, Century-honored Enterprise

 “Industry pioneer” reflects E-Hualu’s industrious pursuit to our specialty, that is, “from the moment on, E-Hualu will tell you how the future will be”. “Century-honored enterprise”, the important foundation of sustainable development of the enterprise, mirrors our ambition and feelings. 

Our mission: 
Fulfill the economic responsibility as a state-owned enterprise 
Fulfill the political responsibility as a state-owned enterprise 
Fulfill the social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise 

The mission conveys E-Hualu’s value orientation of enterprise development amid the overall social civilization and advancement, and also reflects the lofty ideal and extraordinary pursuit of the people of E-Hualu.  

Headquarters:No.165 Fushi Road China Hualu Plaza,Shijingshan District,Beijing

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Zip Code:100043

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